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The SEEMESTANDZ patented super light-weight two tier flag and three option mounting base system was designed for one purpose - to be seen and be safer! This innovative system features fiberglass poles, a polycarbonate safety orange base and a reflective strip in the middle. Its hard not to see. The human eye is 98% more likely to see a moving bright colored object over one just sitting. The SEEMESTANDZ flag acts like a sail and can spin 360* or stay in one place. The bottom yellow part of the flag can always flow back and forth for eye catching motion at all times.

SEEMESTANDZ is the result of over two years of diligent work by inventor Shane Lewis. An avid water sports enthusiast since his youth, he had recently taken up the Kayaking sport. He couldn't help but notice how busy the water ways were getting, having seen a lot of close calls and accidents - and being in a few himself. With these in mind, Shane started to work on prototypes for a safety device. With a background in marketing and product development, and connections internationally as an import broker, Shane Lewis ended up with 11 total R&D designs - and then the 12th was it!

The SEEMESTANDZ product was kept under wraps until now. With help from a few close friends and investors we are proud to announce the release of SEEMESTANDZ August 2016. Many stores and foundations will be carrying SEEMESTANDZ for both the Marine/Nautical and Construction/DOT/Trades markets.

It is our sincere hope to bring much needed awareness to all watercraft travelling at 10 mph and under. In 2017, SEEMESTANDZ could be RCW CODE MANDATORY for all water vessels sitting or moving under 10 mph - kayaks, paddle boards, peddle boats, canoes, and even a slow moving fishing boats - or boats just sitting.
The use of a SEEMESTANDZ would keep everyone safer on the waterways!

"If I can help prevent accidents or the possible loss of lives,
then I did my job with this product."
Shane Lewis

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