Mounting Instructions

Your SEEMESTANDZ orange base can be mounted
horizontally, vertically, and even to a pole!

*NOTE: For boats and vehicles, mount at the most visable location - back corner, tower, windshield, roof, door, etc. or at highest point. Kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, etc. - mount at back of vessels on flatest area.

Step 1
Clean desired location. (Seperate velcro needed for pole installation. Place at the half concave side of the SEEMESTANDZ orange base.)

Step 2
Place one half of the velcro on the bottom side of the orange SEEMESTANDZ base. Place second half in desired location. Let stand for several minutes at 45 (F) minimum.

Step 3
Press your SEEMESTANDZ orange base into place with hand pressure and a little twisting action to secure the velcro. To remove, use slight twist and bend to one side.

Step 4
Place the thin fiberglass pole with one medium pole at connection points. Slide the thin pole with silver ball tip into the black trim of theSEEMESTANDZ flag. Push all the way to the end and clasp the J-Hook to the silver round ring of the medium fiberlgass pole. (Third pole supplied is to make flag higher if you prefer. For a more secure attachment, take the nylon loop at base of flag and hook to the base designated hooks.) Two poles make for a 29" flag. With third pole, it becomes a 48" flag.

Enjoy knowing you have a SEEMESTANDZ BASE and SAFETY FLAG up at all times at 10 MPH and under...

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